Why Giggle?



Giggle Wireless brings you the most optimal, frustration-free mobile connection services on the market, and we keep it simple—no annual contract, no hidden fees, no hiccups. Even better, Giggle Wireless customers enjoy user-friendly features like online account access, auto-recharge, and further personalization with data and minute top-ups.


Giggle Wireless is backed by the nation’s most advanced 4G LTE network so connecting with family and friends has never been faster. Don’t worry, loved ones who live abroad aren’t left out either. We currently offer unlimited international calling to a growing list of the world’s most popular destinations across Asia, Europe, and North & South America.


Giggle Wireless customers deserve the most savings and the best services. Our team of creative professionals is constantly brainstorming better service plans to pass on more savings to our users, and our dedicated team of customer service specialists is always ready to tackle problems. We will continue to improve and refine our services, so you can proudly say, “I’m with Giggle Wireless” with a big smile to your face.